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Investing in whisky casks used to be expensive and sometimes not easy to sell. With DigiCask, you can invest in affordable fractions of premium whisky cask and trade them anytime.

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We facilitate fractional ownership of Premium Whisky Cask

  • Purchase, Storage and Insurance of Assets
  • Tokenization into security Token
  • Diversified Portfolio
  • Secure and Transparent Marketplace
  • Unique Loan option on assets
  • Community Governance
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For Distilleries

  • Custom IconAccess to a diverse investor base from Web3
  • Custom IconEnhanced liquidity and market exposure

For Users & Investors

  • Custom IconEarn stable returns backed by Real World Asset
  • Custom IconGet Incentivized with our governance Token
  • Custom IconNever worry about Brokers, Storage or Insurance
  • Custom IconAccess USDC loans backed by your Whisky tokens
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$DCASK Governance Token

Apart from the whisky tokens which are restricted to trading on our platform, Digicask owns a utility token DCASK, that enables the Digicask Ecosystem.

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token distribution

Sustainability of $DCASK Token

With each whisky tokenization round, a portion of the profits will be used to repurchase $DCASK tokens from the market.


Our commitment to the sustainability of $DCASK is not a short-term strategy but a long-term vision. The buyback process, a crucial part of this vision, helps maintain the value and scarcity of $DCASK tokens, ensuring a stable and potentially profitable investment for our valued investors.


The buyback will be equitably redistributed to investors who participated in that funding round. The distribution will be linear throughout their holding of the tokenized whisky.


As it stands, whisky is one of the most stable physical assets on the market, with Bloomberg going as far as to call it "liquid gold"

Fine WhiskeyReal Estate US BondsUS REITsGold
Average Annual Return10%4.64%8.39%9.43%5.42%
Sharpe ratio12.60.360.760.350.19
Correlation to CPI100%-0.390.17-0.20-0.15

Data are based on annual total returns from January 1, 1992 through December 31, 2022

Sources: uk.cruworldwine.com, whiskyinvestments.com: Stocks - S&P 500 Total Return Index Commercial Real

Our Roadmap

Q1 2024

  • logo MVP Refinement
  • logo Regulatory Compliance Research
  • logo Distillery & Storage Partnerships
  • logo Testnet Event Marketing Campaign
  • logo Commence Crypto & WOWGR License
  • logo Private Round Raise

Q2 2024

  • • Audit & KYC
  • • Onboarding Technical Partners
  • • Marketing Campaign
  • • Public Sale
  • • Exchange Listing
  • • ApeBond Bonds Raise

Q3 2024

  • • Prouct & Market Research
  • • Finalize Licensing
  • • More Tier 1 Listing
  • • Launch on Mainnet
  • • More Distillery & Bonded warehouse partnerships
  • • Tokenize first collection of Whisky Casks

Q4 2024

  • • Inaugural $DCASK Buyback
  • • Feature - Secondary Marketplace
  • • Feature - USDC Loan
  • • Feature - Web3 Wallets API Integration
  • • Expand Community Growth
  • • Commence VC Raise

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