Digicask ($DCASK) Token

Aside from the whisky tokens, which are restricted to trading on our platform, DigiCask owns a utility token, DCASK, that enables the Digicask Ecosystem. Its use cases include Staking and Governance, Incentivising the DigiCask platform investors via buyback and fees payment on the DigiCask platform. .

The token has been engineered in such a way that even in the bear market, our periodic buyback always ensures some price action of the DCASK token.

Token Distribution based on Max Supply

token distribution

Token Lock Up Schedule

Allocation TGE % of allocationCliff (in months) Vesting (in months)Total vesting
Ecosystem Growth Fund0.0%04848

Token Unlock Schedule

 Monthly Token Distribution

DCASK Launch on Solana

Ticker: DCASK

Standard: SPL

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 DCASK

Freeze Authority: False

Mint Authority: False

Audit URL: www. cyberscope.io/audits/dcask

Explorer URL: solscan.io/token/64sad4VP..

DCASK Public Round details

Initial Circulating Supply on TGE: 564,166,667 DCASK

Public Sale Price $0.0075

Exchange Listing Price: $0.02

Initial Market Cap: $962,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 48,100,000 DCASK

FDV at TGE: $20,000,000

DCASK Token  Utilities


In order to become a part of the DAO Governance, Users will have to stake a certain amount of DCASK tokens. Some of the potential voting proposals can include:

  • Whisky collection to list
  • Percentage of company profit to be used for buyback
  • Platform Fees adjustment
  • Funding management 
  • Treasury Committee

Incentive Distribution

For every round of whisky tokenized, some allocation of the profit will be used to buy back $DCASK token from the market to incentivize investors. This will be around 5% of the company broker profit from distilleries.

Transaction Fee

In the future, transaction fees on the platform will be charged in $DCASK token and burnt, hence providing more demand for the token and scarcity in the long term.

Incentivize Referral

Once the platform is launched, some allocation of the marketing pool will be dedicated to reward platform users who invite others to invest in at least one of the tokenized whisky collections. It is easier for existing users to market the products and influence other enthusiasts in their network to start using DigiCask platform.


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